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Edwin Cook Bio

Singer, Dancer, Musician, Impressionist & Comedian...the Ultimate Performer

For years you've known him as Edwin C of Cornell Gunter's COASTERS.

However, his career began many years before CGC in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the age of eleven when he toured with his own gospel group called The Sunset Travelers.  His fancy footwork on Bourbon Street also earned him the name, The Dancing Machine From New Orleans.

Edwin is also responsible for the twirling French Horns we became so familiar with at the half-time shows of the New Orleans Saints when he performed with the George Washington Carver Senior High School Marching One Hundred.

At the age of 16, Edwin won his first talent contest with his group, The Pro-Fascinations. Anxious to pursue a career in show business, he tried unsuccessfully to get the group to join him in moving to Las Vegas; subsequently, he moved without them.

The Monarchs was the next group Edwin made his performance home with.  He worked approximately one year with the group while working in room service for Caesar's Palace Hotel & Casino.

Edwin heard about an audition for The Buck Ram Platters.  He called, auditioned right away, and within two weeks he was on his way to Atlanta, Georgia, for his first performance with them.    From there they toured South Africa with Dobie Gray and Pipp Friedman, performing in Cape Town, Johannesburg, East London, Port Elizabeth, and Durban, at the height of Apartheid.



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After several years with The Platters, Edwin took a short break before joining Cornell Gunter's COASTERS.   Teddy Harper was terminally ill and handpicked Edwin to take his place.  Two weeks after Teddy watched Edwin make his debut with CGC in a joint concert with The Imperials at the Sands Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, he died.

Cornell Gunter's COASTERS enjoyed performances throughout Europe...Germany, Ireland, and England, where they were privileged to play the London Palladium.  Other tours carried them through Asia.  Edwin was thrust into the role as lead vocalist of CGC when Cornell met his untimely death eight years into Edwin's tenure with Cornell.

Edwin Cook is how you know him today.  Whether he is performing as Cornell Gunter's COASTERS featuring Edwin Cook or as The Edwin Cook Show or with , this multi-talented man is sure to continue to enjoy his success.  His four and one-half octave singing range, his comedic style of delivery, and his ability to play drums, keys, brass, and guitar...oh, yes, and DANCE...certainly won't hurt him any.

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